New Year Giveaways at Pokerdom – the new season of Rewards has started!

The Winter Season of sensational Rewards is now open! Get cool Prizes, collect the Piggy Banks and rush to the Super Prize Raffle!

The Rewards loyalty program launches a new Season for all Pokerdom players – the New Year Giveaways. This means that the chances of winning the Super Prize at the end of the Season are equal for all project gamers. New Missions, Exciting Events, Tournaments, and, most importantly, endless Prizes are waiting for you. 

Get involved, have fun, take on new Challenges, and Pokerdom will reward you.

What: "New Year Giveaways” 

When: 15.12.2022 — 28.02.2023

Prize pool: 37,000,000 RUB, including: 

  • 3,000,000 RUB in Tournaments
  • 1,000,000 RUB in Missions
  • 31,000,000 RUB to be awarded in the form of free spins and other prizes.

The mechanics of the Winter Rewards Season

Every registered player at Pokerdom is automatically enrolled in the "Rewards" loyalty program. It is represented by the Scale with Levels and Ranks, which is filled with Experience Points for the placed bets. Each ruble of your bet is transformed into 1 Point and by playing your favorite games you move from Fish to Shark, receiving such prizes as Free Spins, Reload Bonuses, Increased Cashback, Boosters, and even real money.

In addition to the Prizes, you earn valuable Coins for your achievements, which are converted into Piggy Banks. At the end of the Season, everyone who has earned at least one Piggy Bank will take part in the raffle of the Super Prize.

And these are not all the benefits of the Winter Season.

Within the context of the "New Year Giveaways", Pokerdom gives each player an opportunity to get even more valuable Prizes and earn extra Coins and Piggy Banks.

Unique Events, Missions and Tournaments are created for this purpose.

New Year Giveaway Events

This Winter Season offers you exciting Events with challenging games and awesome Prizes.

Thematic Events

  • “New Year” — 15.12 - 07.01

  • “Christmas” — 07.01 - 31.01

Winter Events

  • “Gambling Blizzard” — 15.12 - 28.02

  • “Fruit Ice” — 15.12 - 28.02

  • “Bookfall” — 15.12 - 15.01

  • “Frosty Spirit” — 15.01 - 28.02

Each Event will have a certain number of Missions available for completion.

By participating in Thematic Events, you'll get better benefits and Prizes for reaching your goal. What's more, you can get more Piggy Banks in these Events than in any other. Don't miss them!

Seasonal Events are shown under the Rewards section — log in and compete in Holiday Tournaments and other activities at Pokerdom to move up the Experience Scale as quickly as possible, earn higher Ranks, accumulate Coins, and with them, the Piggy Banks.


Besides that, within the "New Year Giveaways" there will be held 3 Tournaments with the increased prize pool —  1,000,000 RUB each:

  1. Tournament by Pragmatic — 15.12 - 31.12
  2. Tournament by 3 Oaks — 31.12 - 07.01
  3. Tournament by Yggdrasil — 07.01 - 17.01

The mechanics of all Tournaments is the sum of all bets.
Points will be credited depending on the amount of your bet:

  • 20₽ - 50₽ — 1 point;

  • 50₽ -150₽ — 2 points;

  • 150₽ - 250₽ — 5 points;

  • 250₽ - 500₽ — 10 points;

  • 500₽+ — 15 points.

Super Prize Raffle

On February 28, 2023 there will be held the Main Prize Raffle of the Winter Rewards Season – New Year Giveaways. 

All players who have at least 1 Piggy Bank will take part in the Raffle. will determine one winner, who will get the Super Prize.

Can't wait to become a Shark Gamer on Pokerdom? Dive into the Rewards and show a "grin" that deserves the Super Prize!

Additional terms:

  1. The Rewards program accepts real money bets.

  2. The program rules may be changed or amended at any time without notification to the participants of the promotion

  3. In emergency situations, technical malfunctions, Pokerdom reserves the right to cancel the achievements of the player. In case of fraudulent actions by the player, the achievements will also be cancelled.

  4. Some games may have limited or unavailable Experience Points score. All Live Dealers, Slots and Instant Win games are subject to a 0.01 multiplier

  5. The prize pool is the sum of all rewards and bonuses that will be awarded to players during the promotion period and it includes the Super Prize, which will be presented to the winner at the end of the Season.